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If you've spent much time in Colorado, you know that Central Park (formerly Stapleton) was once the International airport for Denver. It was Denver’s primary airport from 1929 to 1995. During the energy boom in the early 1980’s, several skyscrapers were built in downtown. Located 3 miles from downtown Denver, the FAA imposed a building height restriction and safety recommendations which caused them to shut down in 1995.

Before its shutdown, Central Park was also known by Hollywood. Die Hard II filmed some scenes and the famous Colorado movie, The Shining. The treasured land where Stapleton once stood became grounds for the “green plan,” a world-recognized outline for a viable community. Construction began and as of 2008 the neighborhood now has 3,200 single family homes, row homes, condos and 400 apartments.

The Central Park neighborhood is by far the largest neighborhood in the city of Denver. It is expected to have over 30,000 residents, four schools and 2 million square feet of retail. Developers have set aside 30 percent of Central Park's 4,700 acres to parks and recreation facilities. Eventually it will have bike paths and running trails for all the residents to enjoy.

If you want to be green this remodeled neighborhood is striving to be greenest neighborhood in Denver.

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