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The Park is located in eastcentral Denver slightly more than a mile east of Downtown. The park is a mile long. One of Denver’s more diverse neighborhoods, where an eclectic mix of young and old, blue collar types, professionals, students and teachers, singles and families all live and enjoy City Park. It could be defined as a melting pot community.

You have the Annual City Park Festival of Arts held in May at the historic Pavilion on Ferril Lake. It’s a popular day out for all; the festival tries to involve the community with live music, dance, theatre, art, educational workshops and more. It’s also filled with drink and food vendors offering cuisines from all over the world. It’s said by locals to express the “art and soul” of the neighborhood.

In 1878, the Colorado state legislature passed a bill to allow Denver to gain 1,280 acres of state land to build parks which later became City Park. The layout of City Park was designed by Henry Meryweather in 1882. By 1904 the Denver Zoo had been established.

City Park is an urban park and Neighborhood in Denver. The park is 330 Acres and contains the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Ferrill and Duck Lakes and a boathouse. City Park is the largest and most notable park in Denver.

The homes within City Park include classic bungalows, single family homes, townhomes, and historic homes dating from the heady Silver Boom days (1800 to 1893). You have the three story Beaux-Arts mansion known as the Smith House at the corner of 18th Ave and York Street. You can also find the charming Dutch Colonial home with the full-length front porch and columns.

Close to City Park you have three wonderful hospitals, Saint Joseph, Presbyterian-Saint Luke’s and Kaiser Permanente. Along with nearby medical suppliers, doctor’s offices and alternative health care facilities employ nearly 10,000 workers. A few blocks west of Denver’s central business district you will run into the Denver Art Museum, Central Library and municipal and state office buildings.

“City Park West has the look and feel of a traditional family neighborhood,” says one long-time resident. “Neighbors really get to know one another on walks and while visiting from their front porches. Meanwhile, you’re close to downtown and great shopping at Cherry Creek. The classic older homes lend certain grandeur to the community, while the genuine period craftsmanship is a wonder to behold.”

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