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One of Denver’s more cherished neighborhoods, nowhere else in Denver does the canopy of 100-year-old American elms spread quite so splendidly over rooftops and broad parkways as it does in Country Club. Country Club – occasionally referred to as “Denver’s Spanish Suburb” – is also among the most scenic.

The Denver Country Club neighborhood began in 1905 with the exclusive Park Club Place, the country club addition followed in 1906 offering parkways and more spacious home sites. The gates, parkways and many of the area’s homes were designed by William and Arthur Fisher. Traveling through Southern Europe, Arthur collected designs that he brought to the Denver Country Club neighborhood.

On Country Club’s eastern edge is Park Lane Square, bringing to mind the English countryside with captivated windy streets and extensive lawns uninterrupted by alleys or sidewalks that are entered through striking English-style gates fashioned from brick.

Originally planned as a single country estate, this elegant enclave prides some of the majestic estate homes in the city. Grandest of all is the Tudor Revival Castle (Reed Mansion), an area icon with a steeply pitched, multi-gabled, slate roof, soaring stone chimneys, bronze window frames, and elaborate Indiana limestone trim and brickwork.

Country Club is just a few blocks from the heart of the Cherry Creek Shopping district and only minutes from Downtown. It’s a beautiful place to live.

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