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The Denverites call the Lower Downtown Historic District, Lodo. LoDo, the city’s birthplace is the most exciting, fun, and hip part of the city of Denver. Its historic lofts, cute townhomes and elegant buildings are all a small portion of what makes LoDo so popular.

LoDo offers an idyllic Parisian lifestyle where the urbane and sophisticated dine in little bistros and relish the option to walk, bike, or ride the bus, or use Denver’s new Light Rail System to get from hot spot to hot spot. You can adapt to a car free lifestyle living in LoDo and help protect the environment.

After gold was discovered in the river in 1858, General William Larimer founded Denver by putting cottonwood logs in the center of the square. This would basically be the current LoDo neighborhood which would make LoDo the oldest neighborhood.

As Denver grew the city soon realized they needed to build a railroad. After many meetings between town leaders they decided to build a 106 mile rail to Cheyenne which later edged up in the Central Platte Valley, adjacent to LoDo. Union Station became the place most people traveled in to.

This brought many people to Colorado like Buffalo Bill Cody, Bat Masterson, Calamity Jane, Soapy Smith and many other frontier icons. Larimer became the classic “Old West” as portrayed by old Hollywood movies.

Today, LoDo is filled with all sorts of people, shoppers, sports fans, business people, nightclub hoppers and tourists. You have so much to choose from in Lodo and the paths along the South Platte and Cherry Creek provide walkers, joggers, cyclists with safe, picturesque access to one of the most extensive urban trail systems in the nation.

Confluence Park, site of Denver’s first settlements, is rife with kayakers from dawn till dusk while skateboarders cavort in the sculpted bowls of the nearby Denver Skate Park. On summer evenings, eager locals gather on the grassy knoll above the river for free concerts and movies.

In the summer of 2006, LoDo became famous to MTV viewers watching the popular reality show, The Real World: Denver. The Real World cast lived in the heart of LoDo visiting bars, restaurants, clubs and sporting events.

Professional sports cover the four seasons with the Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, Denver Nuggets, and Colorado Avalanche playing to enthusiastic crowds in sparkling, state-of-the art facilities. If you can’t actually attend the game, join flocks of fans cheering on the home team at nearby sports bars.

LoDo is the perfect neighborhood for everyone!

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