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Downing, Broadway, Evans and I-25 are all within Platt Park. The Platt Park real estate market has always been popular with locals and with the wonderful green space, quaint shops, quiet streets and will always remain a hot spot. The town’s only Mayor back in 1882 built Platt Park. After being annexed to the City of Denver in 1894, the Fleming estate continued to serve the community—being used as a library until 1913 and later as the location of the Platt Park Senior Center, built in 1974.

You have wonderful places to enjoy good food like Pasquinis, a New York style Italian restaurant which is near the first section on Denver’s famous antique row. You have Old Street Pearl within the neighborhood that also has quaint shops, coffee shops, wonderful sushi places and other restaurants to dine at. You have the Light rail station just a few blocks away making it easy to commute to DTC or to downtown and having all the downtown amenities including; bars, the restaurants, the sporting events and the museums, it’s a great location.

Residents can find single family homes, bungalows from the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s, Old Victorian homes and are surrounded by shaded trees and quiet streets.

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