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Sloan’s Lake is located northwest of downtown on the western edge of Denver’s city limits. The lake is the central feature of Sloan’s Lake Park and is the center piece of this neighborhood. The park and lake are managed by the Parks and Recreation division of the City and County of Denver.

Sloan’s Lake Park offer the residents a beautiful place to fish, water ski, jet ski, picnic with friends and family and bird watching. It has two playgrounds for kids to enjoy with awesome mountain views. It is the second largest park in Denver including hiking, jogging and bicycling on trails and sidewalks that surround the lake. The popular Dragon Boat festival is held at Sloan’s Lake every summer.

In the 19th century this lake did not exist, it had a road connecting Denver to suburb of Golden and that is what crossed over what is now Sloan’s Lake. In 1866 a homesteader named Thomas F. Sloan received this land for agricultural purposes, farming and raising cattle. It is assumed that Sloan dug a well on the land tapping into the underground water which later would create Sloan’s Lake.

The neighborhood of Sloan Lake is comprised of wide, tree lined residential streets. Throughout the area you have homes built in the late 1800s, modest 1940 ranches, and new buildings. You have your typical detached and attached single-family homes, row homes, condos and townhouses.

This neighborhood is surrounded by restaurants, pubs, boutiques and shops. It is located very close to popular Highlands Square and is just a short drive or bike ride to downtown. There is a scenic walking path surrounding the lake which offers incredible views of the downtown skyline and of the Rocky Mountains.

Sloan’s Lake is a young and diverse neighborhood in which everyone can enjoy.

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